Kyle Pitts Chasing Mike Dikta's Receiving Yards By A Rookie Tight End

As the season is coming to an end, Falcons rookie TE and Pro Bowler Kyle Pitts has a chance to break a record thats over 60 years old in the final three weeks of the season. A record set by Chicago Bears Mike Dikta who recorded 1,076 receiving yards in 1961, no one has even come within 100 yards set by Dikta.

Maybe Pitts can break the record as he has 847 receiving yards on 58 catches through 14 games this season, which is already fifth most in NFL history.

Even though it's a different era and more passing yards are being thrown in today's NFL, it's pretty impressive that Pitts has a chance to break a record that is 60 years old. Pitts needs 230 more yards in three games to top Dikta.

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